Grandparent Scam

Police are warning residents about a scam begging grandparents to send money for a grandchild who, the scam artist says is in trouble in a foreign location.

A caller contacts senior citizens in the middle of the night pretending to be a grandchild. The caller claims to have been in an accident or in some sort of trouble which he wants to keep secret from his parents. When the grandparent questions the caller about his strange voice, he states he has a cold or under a great deal of stress due to the situation. The victims are to go to their bank/credit union, the nearest Wal-Mart or Western Union location and wire money.

The telephone call may follow this pattern to give the senior citizen the impression that they are speaking to a grandchild:

Con: Hi, Grandpa.
Victim: Hi.
Con: Do you know who this is?
Victim: Randy?
Con: Yeah, it's me! I'm in trouble and I need your help!

Never respond to such a request without contacting and speaking to family members first. Find out from family the location of your grandchildren and confirm that an incident has occurred. Also contact law enforcement in that area to confirm that an incident has occurred. Never follow instructions to keep secrets from family, your financial institution and/or your financial advisors.

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